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Transportation of cargoes is the basic kind of activity of our company. Transport functions are accompanied also by granting of other kinds of service which, naturally, are supplemented with warehouse, commercial, information and insurance services. Thus, we represent full complex of logistic service on the market.

We have long-term experience in transportations by all means of transport worldwide.

On the market of automobile transportations the company works in long-distance and international messages, using its own cars. All drivers have a long-term experience in driving on long-distance and international lines. A motor-vehicle pool includes more than 50 lorry convoys - refrigerator, isothermal, tent lorries. According to instructions movement of motor transport is carried out only between supervised parkings without intermediate stops. Besides drivers have to make reports about transportation several times a day.

For transportation of a cargo we work out the route, for realization of minimal transit time and execution of transport obligations. Transportations of all transport agencies of the logistic company «Logistica Company» are covered by the leading insurance companies. Information service of clientele about a course of transportation of particular cargoes is of confidential character and does not depend on time of a day.

International transportations. The geography of our routes includes the countries of the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe and the USA. Process of transportation is accompanied by obligatory monitoring of a site of a cargo. Qualitative servicing is reached due to strict selection of carriers; their reliability is verified by years of teamwork.

Vehicles of the best European manufacturers, mobile and a satellite communication, qualified personnel – these are the criteria of a choice of the carrier, providing reliability of our service. We are glad to offer you well adjusted service in the field of the international freight traffic and passages of customs formalities in view of your individual preference.

Philosophy of Logistic company "Siyaniye" suggests rendering of a full complex of services for maintenance of all logistics of delivery and distribution of cargoes. For this purpose we can offer you convenient variants, both for intermediate, and for long-term storage of cargoes. According to requirements of the client we offer different types of warehouses.

We can also offer consolidation warehouses both on the territory of the CIS and abroad.

For this purpose our company uses both its own areas, and warehouses of our verified strategic partners. Beside the basic services on storage we can offer additional options on package, marks, sorting and complete sets of cargoes in directions. In the whole with an opportunity of partial delivery of cargoes from a warehouse and the regular reporting about stocks it can represent real interest for distributors.

100 % responsibility for a cargo of the client is a principle of work of «Logistica Company». The professional responsibility of the company is insured by the leading insurance companies. The total limit of the responsibility by all kinds of activity of «Logistica Company» makes for more than 1 million US dollars.

Conditions (Rule) of insurance of the responsibility of a carrier and the forwarding agent on the Insurance policies issued on «Logistica Company», precisely control payments under an insurance case.

In case of possible occurrence of an insurance case, the Insurance company on the basis of policies «Logistica Company» carries out payments directly to the client.

Additional insurance of cargoes

Along the line a cargo there can be situations of threat which have been not connected with process of transportation (for example, acts of nature, military actions). At the request of the client our company insures the goods against all risks.

As the agent, leaning on long-term partner attitudes with the insurance companies, we carry out additional insurance of a cargo on favourable to the client conditions. Trusting the cargoes to «Logistica Company», you transfer them in reliable hands.

The enterprises which are part of the logistic company «Logistica Company» provide for transport-forwarding service of clientele on the basis of their own motor transport and system of contractual relationship with a partner network. Drawing up a contract of transport-forwarding service with our company, the client must be ensured that our guarantees act at any stage included in the contract. We shall provide for delivery of your cargo in the shortest period, for reasonable money.

Our company carries out full or partial forwarding of a transported cargo (at the request of the client):

acceptance/delivery of a cargo by quantity of cargo packages (pallet, box, etc.) acceptance/delivery of a cargo by commodity positions

realization of different routes (presence of two and more places of loading and a unloading)

In all the cases mentioned above our company bears a liability for safety of a transported cargo.

Logistics of returns is a service which makes our clients free of the difficulties connected with the organization of transportation of a returnable cargo. We created the service center which accepts all the goods from our clients sold from our warehouse or from shop-partner and for any reasons have not been accepted by the buyers. Thus, we make our partners-sellers free of lots of problems.

The service includes: reception of a returnable cargo in our warehouse
forwarding the returnable goods on our warehouse
sorting, examination for faulty goods and repacking
forwarding a returnable cargo from shop to our warehouse
realization of these goods
filling all necessary documents

Storage and processing of cargoes in a warehouse
  • Responsible storage of cargoes;
  • Handling operations by the mechanized and manual way;
  • Selection and a complete set of orders;
  • Repacking pallete and piece cargoes;
  • Marking of a cargo;
  • Accommodation of a cargo according to conditions of FIFO,
  • Rejection and destruction of faulty production;
  • Conducting the daily warehouse account;
  • Opportunity of reception of information in real time through the web;
  • Drawing up of certificates on reception of production, certificates on damages, repacking of production;
  • Warehouse account on reception, storage, processing and handling of production;
  • Official registration of papers for handling over the production;
Opportunities of automatic change of statuses at approach of the set conditions guarantee exact observance of requirements on management of a commodity stock (for example, automatic change of the status of the validity of the goods depending on current date and conditions of the shipment determined by the owner of the goods);

Support of unlimited quantity of types of hierarchies of package, plurality of units of measure and rules of recalculation, matrix of bar codes of a product and package, management homogeneous and mixed pallets provide for the opportunity of warehouse processing of a commodity stock of any complexity;

Billing system will provide for operative, objective and exact calculation of expenses of warehouse processing of the goods in accordance with individually coordinated conditions;

Flexible adjustment of electronic interaction with ERP systems of owners of the goods;

Visual graphic systems of support of decision-making will raise efficiency, timeliness and accuracy of management of warehouse resources;

Module of the administrative reporting will allow to receive the operative and analytical information;

System Trade Partner Management will allow owners of the goods to look through the commodity stock, its changes, statuses of execution of different orders.

Our company tries to simplify as much as possible your activity connected with purchase and reception of large-sized home gadgets, offered by «Logistica Company». It is helped by developed infrastructure of our organization which includes:

Warehouse complex of a total area of more than 3000 sq.m. The complex carries out storage, processing, cargo handling operations without days off and holidays from 9.00 till 19.00 o'clock. If necessary we provide for parking of your transport on guarded territory. The warehouse complex has a convenient entrance.

«Logistica Company» includes the specialized certificated service having the license and authorization of many manufacturers. We carry out, at the request of our client, preselling preparation of home gadgets and appliances, after-sale service, delivery of spare parts according to price-lists of factories-manufacturers, support by the technical repair documentation of services of the client.

We offer services of the transport department having covered motor vehicles with carrying capacity from 1 up to 25 tons. The transport manager, having constant contracts with railway and container terminals, will solve problems of shipment of the home appliances got by you by rail.

Your personal manager will inform you in advance on changes of price and assortment policies of the manufacturer. On the basis of this information you will be offered different types of solutions, which will help you to use your finance efficiently.

We are always prepared to consider your offers concerning systems of payments, terms and assortment of production necessary for you. Patrons of our firm receive attractive prices and commodity credits on home appliances.

For industrial companies «Logistica Company» offers unique program Smart Logistic, it includes the following complex of services: performing ex-works (or other industrial target) transportation, strategic storage, processing of fine and large orders, delivery and information support.

For and on behalf of the client our company delivers the goods from a warehouse in shops. Services «Logistica Company» consist of modules. The client can choose an individual set of services. In the sphere of forwarding and support of cargoes «Logistica Company» can offer the most favourable services in various regions as it has the network of delivery.

Contract logistics

Within the limits of contract logistics «Logistica Company» offers individual logistical schemes for the trading companies, manufacturers, importers and other large companies.

«Logistica Company» realizes logistic projects in the field of distribution, warehousing, complete sets, transportation and management of orders. The client can take advantage of already existing Smart-infrastructure with application of a know-how of the company or «Logistica Company” can work out individual infrastructure.